Pedagogical concern : Curriculum

  1. Curriculum is overall activities of an institution.
  2. Important factor of curriculum is to help to achieve the objectives.
  3. Mini culture is classroom.
  4. Affective domain of objectives is not being evaluated through our present system of examination.
  5. Nature of curriculum is critical, creative and conservative.
  6. Curriculum provides guidance for students
  7. Syllabus is a part of curriculum
  8. Curriculum presents instructional material is stated by Smith
  9. An outline of the topics of the subject to the covered in specific time is called course
  10. Curriculum organizations used for different concepts at the same class is horizontal
  11. Major concern of curriculum is change in individuals behaviour
  12. The importance of curriculum in the system of education is just like a provision of latest knowledge
  13. Curriculum reflects the culture of society
  14. Curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organized courses, activities and experiences which students have under the directions of the school, whether in the classroom or not, is said by:Hilda Taba
  15. Learning means curriculum change
  16. The outline of the Contents is;syllabus
  17. Component of curriculum is:teaching strategies, objectives and evaluation.

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